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Have you ever looked at someone and thought, "I love her outfit! I could never pull it off though." Or "She's so stylish, I wish I could put together outfits like that."

Well, looking stylish doesn't have to be as difficult as it might seem. Knowing your body shape and how to dress for that shape is a huge help when it comes to putting together your outfits!



Your body type is based on your bust, waist, and hip measurements, so go take your measurements to find out your body shape!

  • hour glass - The bust and hip are the same size with a small, defined waist.
  • pear - The hip is wider than the bust, and the waist is defined.
  • apple - The waist is not defined, and the bust is slightly bigger.
  • rectangle - This type doesn't have much definition. The bust, waist, and hip are roughly equal.
  • inverted triangle - The opposite of the pear shape. The bust is wider than the hips.


Today we'd like to share with you some styling tips and pieces we really love for different body types!

A few general rules: Dark colors minimize, light colors maximize. Belts always help define the waist, and your end goal is to create the illusion of an hourglass shape.


GOAL- Highlight curves, emphasize small waist.

TOPS - End just below hip line. Boat, V, scoop, and sweetheart necklines. Fitted jackets or blazers.

BOTTOMS - Pencil skirts, mid or high rise pants.

DRESSES - Wrap dresses, avoid flowy. (add a belt for a simple fix!)

Stay away from baggy boxy clothes, and belts are your new best friend!


GOAL - Maximize your upper body and slim your hips.

TOPS- Try light colors. chose fitted tops, show your shoulders, wear embellished necklines, or layer tops to add visual interest to your upper body.

BOTTOMS - wide or boot cut pants look great on this type! Remember dark minimizes, so dark bottoms are great for you.

DRESSES - A line or tulip.


GOAL - Minimize torso and define waist line.

TOPS - Look for v necks, tops that don't cling, patterns, and asymmetry.

BOTTOMS -  Straight leg pants, high rise waist, and knee length pencil skirts are your best friends!

DRESSES - Wrap dresses, empire waist.



GOAL - Add definition to waist, accentuate curves.

TOPS - Look for scoop or sweetheart necklines, gathered waists, or blouses with details.

BOTTOMS- skirts with a side slit, colorful bottoms, most pants styles.

DRESSES - high waist definition.

Belts and well fitted bras are essential!

Inverted triangle

GOAL- Draw attention away from broad shoulders.

TOPS - Well fitted blouses in dark colors, Cowl and V necks, vertical lines, accentuate waist.

BOTTOMS- Look for high waist paints and skirts, textures and embellishments, colors, and full or boot cut pants are best.

DRESSES - stretchy material, high waist definition.

If you're still unsure about what would look best on you, come visit us and we'll help you find outfits that you're sure to love!

Can't wait to see you!

~ Ladies of Renew


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