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Welcome to our blog! To find out more about the Boutique check out our "About us" page. Here, in our very first post, we want to introduce you briefly to the history of the boutique and individuals who own and work here.

The boutique is a part of Renew salon. The salon was opened by Christina Carroll  in March of 2014. Ever since the beginning of the salon Christina had a vision for it to be paired with the boutique. In the summer of 2017, After much prayer and consideration, she and her cousin Kelsea Duncan worked together to open Renew Boutique.

Christina Carroll


Christina has been doing hair for 20 years and has owned Renew salon for 3 of those years. Finally in June of 2017, after being patient and prayerful, she felt the time was right to open the boutique. After talking with some people she approached Kelsea about opening it with her. Needless to say, Kelsea said yes, and so the boutique was born.

Christina works mainly as a stylist in the salon, and occasionally in the boutique.  She loves helping people to feel good about themselves and she has found a wonderful way to do just that through the salon and boutique.

Kelsea Duncan


Kelsea is a teacher by day and a boutique owner by afternoon. One of her passions is fashion, and wanting to own and run a boutique has always been a dream of hers.  After sharing this dream with Christina, they decided to go for it!

Kelsea works in the boutique as much as possible and behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly.  She has always loved fashion and wants to help people find their own style.

Charla Smith


Charla works in the boutique and will occasionally write for the blog. When she is not in the boutique Charla works as Gifted Giver Consulting and Personal Shopping (check out her Facebook page - @giftedconsulting).

One of our favorite things about Charla is that she often pairs up different items in the boutique and displays the new pair so you can get a different idea of how to style them. She is an invaluable member of our team!

Allison Joiner

Profile pic

Allison has recently joined the team and will be a regular blogger for the boutique. She will eventually be transitioned into the Salon as a stylist, but currently works in the boutique and  helps in the realm of advertising and social media.


From the ladies of Renew, we want to welcome you to our blog and boutique!

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